Tourvaille is easily the newest of the seven kingdoms, and is unique in that it was formed by four young people who come from different kingdoms across Avalon, none of whom felt a true sense of belonging in the kingdom of their birth - but could also not seem to find a home for their idealistic hearts in any of the others available to them. The story of the founding of the fledgling kingdom begins with a young Seer based in the secret-shrouded Kingdom of Altheria - named Kseniya Talnika. If you ask anyone in Altheria they will deny that the young woman ever lived there, because of their attitudes to those who come to and leave the Kingdom alike, but the kingdom of her birth was not right for her. Kseniya was naturally pure of heart, and the dark mood the entire kingdom gave off was constantly offsetting.

Born into the upper class, Kseniya had never had to struggle, but seeing those who did in the lower class made her heart sink. She was many times punished by her parents for associating with and even helping the lower classes. As her mother got a vision that her daughter would soon attempt to leave the kingdom (but the vision did not go far enough to show whether the girl would live or die) they kept her held in her room, which hurt the young dreamer more than anything else ever could. Having access to scholarly texts, being higher class, but never the education life could offer her, she was frustrated; and eventually, she managed to escape. The night before she had experienced a dream - her first vision. Of three other people across three other kingdoms, and she had an intuition that it would be important to find them, that it would lead to a birth of a new kingdom. So Kseniya took some food and other vitalities and escaped in the night. Many times over she often died in the Dark Forest but she managed to escape into the Old Forest at the center of Avalon. It took her several weeks to repay the favours an organisation did her after they found her passed out from exhaustion at the border, but eventually, she could continue her voyage into the Winter Forest.

An arrow whisked past her head. She was saved by an Asarian boy - the very boy she had seen in her dream. Explaining the fact she was a Seer to someone she had barely met and that she had seen him in her dreams was hard, but luckily, he seemed to believe her. He did not really want to have to kill someone to accomplish the Asarian trials, so the two arranged to meet again after he too had gotten some supplies. Having someone else with her, someone who was more readily able to get food, improved the standards of her journey as they headed to the Draconian Forest, where they found her.

A girl - the girl - wandering in the Draconian Forest. Xenia Argyris. And the two of them, Kseniya and she, like to say that they fell in love at first sight, if such a thing exists. That was probably the main reason why she agreed to go with them, rather than the fact that she believed in their story of visions and kingdoms. She was the bastard child of the former Queen of Draconia (predecessor to the current queen Amice d'Ambrosia), and she had always feared being recognised and tied to the Kingdom - so, perhaps running was on the list of reasons, too. In Draconia they also found another boy, the last of the people who had made themselves known to the Seer in her dream.

The four travelled together with their respective talents, until they came across a land not yet touched by humankind. It had an aura to it, for sure, and it was decided that it would be there that they would form their new land. They garnered support from all of the kingdoms through promises of alliances - a neutral body formed of people from all the kingdoms for those who preferred beauty over the values of the rest. And for several years it was a matter of building the kingdom. They recruited sorcerers to speed up the building process, and many of those sorcerers are now advisors in the royal court. The artistic culture of Tourvaille is thriving, and those who can't seem to find a home seek to find their place in the mild-weathered kingdom.

Tourvaille's monarchy as yet is not based on blood, but made up of the four founders; Kseniya Talnika, Xenia Argyris, Njord Odinson, and ____. Kseniya and Xenia are married now, and the main point of their fledgling rule is to make sure nobody is left disadvantaged.



The royals and their court live inside the Tourvaillean Palace. These are the founders of the land, their spouses if applicable, and any of their chosen special advisors - there is separate accommodation for these advisors on the grounds.

Some of the citizens go into the royal guard; there are barracks of a sort for these people who also find themselves sheltered by the monarchy. It pays decently well. Magical and non-magical people alike are welcome to join the guard.

Those who do not wish to join the guard find themselves as musicians, artists, writers, actors and other such things for the most part. Some like to devote themselves to a life of healing as a doctor and some like to cook, while others farm to contribute to the nation's thriving crop. There's a freedom to be mostly whatever you would like to be in Tourvaille. One of the Kingdom's founding principles is that nobody should struggle; and thus, the people support each other - they certainly don't have so much of a class system as that of Altheria.


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