Races and Abilties
Though split into seven kingdoms, Avalon is populated by eight sentient races, each with unique characteristics. Due to years of conflict, ancient allegiances and political conflict, the people of each kingdom often view certain races in a particular light, be it good or bad.

Some have existed since the dawn of time, having no clear origin, while others are the result of severe magical influence on individuals. Regardless of where they might have come from one thing is certain, none of them are truly at peace with the others.

Humans have been around since the beginning of time, much like druids and sorcerers. They are a common people and can face a lot of discrimination and are often rendered weak in the eyes of other races. Humans can be either bad or good and typically are only accepted in Asar and Tourvaille. They have no special powers and are physically much weaker than any of the other races.

Humans are discriminated against by Altheria and Ivoria.

In stark contrast to the sorcerers and sorceresses, druids are a peaceful, secretive race of people residing in Avalon. They often possess powerful magic and live in settlements across Avalon. They often worship nature and practice magic for good means. The only time they ever use magic out of place is when they are trying to divert strangers off their land so that they can continue to live in peace.

Druids are discriminated against by Altheria.

Sorcerers are typically very dark and evil but there has been sorcerers known to be neutral and good. Most have turned their back on worshipping nature and their motives usually only benefit themselves, which is how demons, vampires and werewolves are typically created. Those who do not follow the same standards of dark magic often seek out places of peace and serenity. These individuals are able to become very powerful and have been known to have lead a few Kingdoms before. Sorcerers and sorceress are less common than druids, but have more of a negative reaction from other races and kingdoms (aside from Ivoria, which typically only like elves). Alternatively, sorcerers and sorceresses have the potential to taint the ancient, magical blood of elves that spreads like a sickness and makes them mad, dark or evil.

Sorcerers are discriminated against by Ivoria.

Speculated to be the fairest and wisest race, elves are commonly found in Ivoria and don’t often stray from its borders because of their status and respect. They physically age a lot slower (by at least twenty years) and hardly ever get ill. They have pointed ears and are typically taller than the average person, with long hair, pointed ears and piercing eyes. Elves possess their own brand of magic which is ancient and typically used for good. Those elves who use their magic for evil, whether tainted by a sorcerer or they have taken it upon themselves to choose a dark path, are known as Dark Elves, or “Drow” to those who discriminate against them. The Ivorian royals are known to value their magic and its power, used for good, above all else. Ivoria has been known to exile their own kind if tainted by darkness, whether by magic or nature.

Elves are discriminated against by Altheria and banned from Qahil.

Vampires, unlike the traditional ones, have been created by extremely dark magic (whether that be turned by magic or made from scratch). Only a very powerful sorcerer or sorceress has enough power to harness and be able to create a creature or turn a human/sorcerer/druid. Many rare ingredients are required (the blood of an ancient royal family, the tooth of a vampire, the blood of an innocent human, and candles), as well as an intricate ritual in order to create a vampire that never ages. The vampire is eternally bonded to their master and cursed to abide their every wish until the vampire dies or the master dies. The darker the master’s heart, the more evil the creature becomes upon creation.

Vampires and masters have a sort of telepathic communication where they can read and and speak through one another’s minds. Vampires have a natural instinct to fight with werewolves. Like their rivals, the werewolves, their bite is poisonous to all but their own kind and will kill. The only way to kill a vampire that is known, is a wooden stake through the heart (although in reality anything wooden would work - as learned by the Asar peoples). Vampires need the blood of others to survive - while human blood does sustain them, the blood of other magical species is more fulfilling. Again, unlike traditional vampires, sunlight does not affect a vampire; they are capable to walk in the light with others.

A vampire can procreate with humans, sorcerers, druids and other vampires. The children will not gain vampirism and there are no half or part vampires allowed. A vampire must be created or turned by dark magic, whether it be on an already existing human/sorcerer/druid or created from scratch. Interbreeding and hybrids are not allowed.

Vampires are discriminated against by Asar, Qahil and Ivoria, and banned by Draconia.

Werewolves, much like vampires in the form of creation (the exact same ingredients aside from substituting werewolf fur for vampire tooth), are strong creatures who share the same telepathic communication as that of their rivals. Only an extremely powerful, dark sorcerer or sorceress has the power to harness and be able to create a creature. The darker the master’s heart, the more evil the creature becomes upon creation.

Werewolves have a natural instinct to dislike and fight with vampires. These beasts walk as humans whenever they feel like it, being able to shift on command. Most people who hold ill feelings against werewolves carry around a blade of silver (or anything silver), the only thing known to be able to kill these creatures. Transmitting lycantrophy through biting or scratching is merely a myth and the werewolf toxin actually kills everything but other werewolves.

Werewolves can procreate with humans, druids, sorcerers and other werewolves. However, the children will not be born a werewolf. There are no half or part werewolves allowed and no interbreeding and hybrids allowed.

Werewolves are discriminated against by Ivoria, and banned by Draconia.

Demons are the rarest and most foul of all creatures found in Avalon, as they are masters of manipulation and tricks. They are created much like vampires and werewolves in the sense of meeting ingredients and a ritual. Everything is essentially the same, aside from having the sacrifice a total of five innocent human beings and use a claw from a demon. Only the strongest of all sorcerers and sorceresses are able to create such a beast, but extensive amounts of royal blood is required to start the ritual.

These creatures come in varying shapes and forms, but all can be killed only by a weapon blessed by a priest. They can be injured by holy water. They have a strong connection with their masters, own mistaking it for love and strong devotion. Once the master is killed however, the demon is free to do whatever he/she wishes. Unfortunately, there is a ritual that can be done to assign a new master (much unlike vampires and werewolves as they only have one in their life).

Demons cannot procreate with any races and are not allowed to be made in any other way than with dark magic. No interbreeding (hybrids) or half-demons allowed.

Demons are banned by Ivoria and Draconia.

Seers come from centuries upon centuries of distilled magical blood. Not unlike the sorcerers, they are gifted, but not in the same way. Seers can see into the future. Some willing, some unwilling. Typically, their visions are not of the pleasant nature, though some did happen to see some very rarely ever any other type of being. But they are completely invisible to the naked eye, and is seen as a normal person until their abilities show.

Seers are discriminated against by Ivoria.

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