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On Avalon Roleplay Wiki, we have a chat that can be found through the right-hand side bar when on the Wiki Activity page. Chat can be a fun place to talk with your friends about plans for characters or about anything in general. However we do have some strict rules when it comes to bully, hazing or tormenting users; which will be stated below. If these rules are not followed, a block from chat can be issued from a member of the admin team.

  • Vulgar Language: As this can be up to an individual's discretion, this can be a tricky one. A general rule of thumb is that if a user is uncomfortable with another user's choice of language and request that it should be changed, it should be changed long as the request is within reason. This is often to the discretion of the Admin Team members as to what's reasonable and what's not.
  • Sexual Conversations: Sexual conversations are not allowed. No Exceptions. Engaging in these conversations will immediately result in a 24 hour ban, and repeat offenders will be banned permanently.
  • Threats: Threats of any kind are not allowed, if it's meant in a joking manner or not. Doing so will immediately result in a 48 hour ban and repeat offenders will be banned permanently.
  • Insults: Insults are not tolerated in any form or fashion. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  • Spamming: Please do not fill chat with nonsensical gibberish just because it's dead. It can be annoying to many users.
  • Provocative Topics: Some topics such as religion or politics can quickly deteriorate into pointless arguments. Please refrain from talking about such topics and respect everyone's opinions.
  • Private Messages: Users may not refuse a PM from a member of the Admin Team. If it is on official business. Generally, the same rules that apply to main should apply to PMs. If you are uncomfortable with how a user is treating you in PM, talk to an admin team member and take screenshots.

On Avalon Roleplay Wiki, there are five distinct levels for our users. As a user progresses through the levels, more spots for characters are opened up, and they can start to vote on important discussions and topics, as well as eventually applying for a spot on the Administration Team.

  • Entry Level: The first level that a user will receive on this wiki. Upon your first character being approved, you will receive a badge that states you're officially an entry-level user. This entitles you to two character spots.. Entry-level user are not allowed to apply for a spot on the Administration Team. Entry-levels can not vote on promotions or important topics unless otherwise stated on the vote.
  • Level One: One week after your first character is approved you will receive a badge from a member of the Character Resource Department that states you've officially moved up a level. Level One users are entitled to five character spots in total. Level One users are not allowed to apply for spots on the Administration Team. Level Ones can not vote on promotions or important topics unless otherwise stated on the vote.
  • Level Two: Two weeks after your first character is approved, you will receive a badge from a member of the Character Resource Department that states you're officially become a level two user. Level Two users are entitled to ten character spots. Level Two users are not allowed to apply for spots on the Administration Team. Level two members cannot vote on promotions or important topics, unless otherwise stated on the vote.
  • Level Three: Three weeks after your first character is approved, you will receive a badge from a member of the Character Resource Department that states you're officially a level three user. Level Three users are entitled to fifteen character spots. Level Three users are not allowed to apply for spots on the Administration Team. Level three users are unable to vote on important topics or promotions, unless otherwise stated on the vote.
  • Level Four: Four weeks after your first character is approved, you will receive a badge from a member of the Character Resource Department that states you're officially a level four user. Level Four users are entitled to twenty character spots. Level Fours users are allowed to apply for spots on the Administration Team. Level four users are allowed to vote on any and all important topics and promotions, unless the vote states that is for Admin Team only.

As stated in the name, this is a role-play wiki, which means the users on the wiki create characters that can then be roleplayed on the various locations throughout the wiki. As with everything else, there are some rules pertaining to characters and their creation.

There are a few different races and abilities your character may be/have. The rule to these races and abilities is that you can only have half of your existing amount of characters be exotic. This means if you have two characters, one can be a vampire, elf, demon, werewolf, seer, sorcerer, or druid and the other character must be human. If you have an odd number of characters (like say three), only one can be exotic until you have four and so on. Level four users are allowed fifty percent (or half) of their 20 character slot total, level three being allowed to have 30% of their existing 15 character slot total. Entry level, level one, and level two are all unable to have any exotic characters.

To see a list of our races and abilities, please check them out here.

All characters over the age of five must be put through the application process and accept before being roleplayed on Avalon Roleplay Wiki. Make sure that each character is put through the correct application forum for each kingdom type of citizenship. If your character doesn’t belong to one kingdom, is a rogue or a pirate then they will go through the specified forum. Please follow the approval guide located here when making your characters.

Each Kingdom has real life influence that pertains to each region, meaning that cultural names are common.

Altheria - gaelic, irish, celtic, scottish and russian
Tourvaille - french and german with a mix of all kingdoms
Asar - norwegian, danish, swedish, icelandic, and finnish
Draconia - greek and russian
Ivoria - amazonian, native american and brazilian
Menciunvaras- rome, romanian and italian
Akusaa - egyptian, middle eastern and australian

Characters are required to have a first and surname - no exceptions. Middle names are optional. Proper grammar for the culture the name is from is encouraged. You are allowed to make a name as long as it isn’t random gibberish or offensive terms.

Abilities and Age
We require that users remain logical with their characters when it comes to the age and level of skill they have. A six year old sorcerer couldn’t blow up an entire building. If unsure of what is allowed, check with any member of our admin team.

To be considered an active user on Avalon Roleplay Wiki, you make at least fifteen edits every seven days. Unless otherwise specified or properly labelled as semi-active with a minimum of ten edits every seven days. Every user will be warned after fourteen days of inactivity to start editing again before they begin to lose privileges they may have had.

Character Related
If you have a character that is any position of power, or crucial to a storyline and you go inactive, if you fail to start editing after your fourteen day warning, any all all characters will be stripped of power and given to another user who is active. It’s only fair as we want to keep the roleplay and plots moving.

Administrative Rights
Rollbacks and Administrators must make a minimum of five (roleplay or administrative) edits every five days. If you fail to specify a reason behind not editing, you will be warned. If after the second warning, no edits are made, the user will be stripped of their power. We need active and working members in our administration team.

Bureaucrats have responsibilities of running the three departments on Avalon and have been crucial members behind the scenes of Avalon. They must make at least twenty or more department/roleplay related edits every seven days. You will be warned twice if you are not making the appropriate edits. If after the second warning, no improvements have been made then there is ground for demotion.

Inactivity Status
Users without any edits over a period of two months will be marked inactive and models will be deleted from the registration list and up for grabs. If a user makes a blog about leaving the wiki, models will be up for grabs and characters/pages belonging to that individual will either be deleted or archived. After six months without edits, the user is grounds for deletion.

Vacations and Semi-Active Status
If you are going away on vacation and won’t be able to edit, please either post on your user page or tell a member of the administration team. If you don’t think you will be editing at all, please specify. If you plan to make a couple edits, then we can give you a temporary semi-active status. The same goes for any medical emergencies that require a user to be away from the wikia. Just make sure to keep the admin team informed.

Face Claims
A user is allowed to have twenty face claims in total for their twenty character slots and no more. Entry level users are unable to reserve any face claims for future use. Level one may reserve one face claim, level two may reserve two, level three may reserve three and finally, level four may reserve four in total. Face claims MUST be period (victorian works, viking, medieval, etc) or you may have face claims that aren’t period, as long as the images don’t show the attire. Face claims may be either fantasy/art (with credit to the artist) or real life/celebrity.

Model to Character Age Ratio
We require that the age of the model is somewhat close to the age of the character. If a twelve year old is using a face claim that is twenty seven in year life, then we will ask you to change it. Whether the model is appropriate for the age of the character is up to the administration team and they have the power to request you change it.

Famous Face Claims
On Avalon Roleplay Wiki, we don’t want to limit you any further with your model choice than already is so we allow all face claims here, as long as they follow the face claim policy. However, a list of celebrities that asked to not be used can be found here.

It is required that all members of Avalon stick to a zero god-modding tolerance as it is unfair to the other users. In instances where characters are fighting, please ask a member of the administration team to be the game master and (using an appropriate randomizer), have the results of attempted actions confirmed or initiated.

You can not decide the actions of another character, only your own.

Your character is not aware of everything (like names, ages, races, species, abilities, and important information about another character). This is a very difficult one, and many experienced users have trouble with it, but please try your best to no metagame.

While we are a PG 13 Wiki, we do allow an extent of violence as our universe is very Medieval in both senses of the word. We allow characters to describe fights, as long as they aren’t adding too much detail (which is up to the administration teams discretion) and not making other people uncomfortable.

Killing, Harming or Affecting Other Characters:
If you intend to do something that is going to have a huge reaction from the character, you must ask the user permission before doing so. Make sure the user you are roleplaying with is always comfortable.

Sexual Content
As a PG 13 Wiki, we allow sexual themes to take place with some limitations. Users are allowed to have their characters flirt, touch, caress, and kiss another character. At no time are you allowed to roleplay the act of sex, oral sex or the touching of genitals on this wiki. It is also asked that if your characters intend to have sex, they do a timeskip in the roleplay. The administration team asks that you don’t use extensive detailing when it comes to kissing, touching, or caressing in roleplay as that can make other users uncomfortable. If this happens, you will be asked to tone it down or take the role play elsewhere.

Avalon Roleplay Wiki is a democracy but there are some votes out there that simply can not be voted on by everybody. This policy is about what kinds of votes the different levels are allowed to vote on.

Entry Level
Entry Level users are not allowed to vote on anything, unless it is otherwise stated by the administration team.

Level One
Entry Level users are not allowed to vote on anything just like entry level users, unless otherwise stated by the administration team.

Level Two
By Level two, users should have a solid feel for how the wiki operates, so they are now allowed to vote on the interpretation of policy votes, such as whether a certain character is overpowered, has too many positions of powers, and any vote that requires the interpretation of policies unless otherwise stated.

Level Three
Level Three users, like level two have a good understanding of how our wikia works and are allowed to vote on interpretations of policies. They are not allowed to vote on anything else yet,

Level Four
Level Fours are the highest level awarded to non-Admin team members and as such, they are allowed to vote on any votes that are not Admin-only. They are allowed to vote on promotions and any other votes than an Admin-Team member deems for level Fours and up.

Administration Team:
There are only two types of votes that are restricted to Admin Team. Policy changes and demotion votes are restricted to the Admin Team only.

Offenses You Can Get Blocked For
Deleting content from pages, without archiving it, or for the purposes of clearing out Avalon or recycling
Adding nonsensical content (i.e. spamming)
Failing to follow policies
Threatening behavior
Any other unreasonable act that an Admin deem warrants a block

First Offense: Warning
Second Offense: 24 hour block
Third Offense: 1 week block
Fourth Offense: 1 month block
Fifth Offense: 6 month block
Sixth Offense: Permanently blocked

If the admin is dealing with a troll, they can feel free to skip to the permanent block. Threatening behavior skips the first offense warning and goes straight to the second, then to the fourth and finally the sixth. When dealing with new users, an admin may allow for more offenses, especially when it comes to the first and third items on the list, as these are common mistakes for a new user.

Other Information

User Resources
Head: Queen of Anarchy
Second in Command: Wingstrike

Character Resources
Head: Nebuliss
Second in Command: MerisaMist

Recreational Development
Head: Carnarvan
Second in Command: DYSUTOPIA

Recreational Department
RD is the department in charge of creating story lines and activities alike for users and characters. They're in charge of creating and keeping up to date anything and everything that may have to do with said events, including getting word out, creating pages as needed, updating aforementioned pages regularly, and GMing as needed (or if not possible, finding someone else to GM). These users must be willing to GM without being biased. RD members should also be capable of GMing outside of events, and in unofficial things such as duels, if requested.

User Resource Department
UR is the department in charge of archiving pages with an exceeding amount of templates and aiding RD wherever they may need it. Along with that, this department is in charge of taking out or fixing excessive/broken coding and keeping community pages up to date. Lastly, during IC summer, OOC members must reset and prepare the whole school (delete old archives/clean the Institute) for the next school year. This department is also in charge of upkeeping the policies, making sure they're up to date, and reflect any and every changes done by the team.

Character Resource Department
CR is the department in charge of handling anything and everything pertaining to the acceptance and sorting of adult and student characters alike. This department also takes charge of the stores and RP locations within the wikia, approving and/or denying the creation of new ones as they see fit. They're in charge of maintaining the stores along with the OOC department, inclusively helping them clear archives when it's needed. Every Sorting member must have at least one shop owner, helping promote the roleplay of store owners and employees.

First and foremost, we would like to welcome you to Avalon Roleplay Wiki! (commonly referred to as ARP) and hope you take a look around or possibly join!

Now, you do anything, we do have a few polices on the wiki that you need to familiarize yourself with so you don't get in trouble. Please check out the other tabs to find all of our wiki's policies.

Now that you've read through our policies the next step is to get your first character through the acceptance process so that you can roleplay. Your character can be Altherian, Asarian, Draconian, Akusaan, Ivorian, Menciunvarasian or Tourvaillen. The link to the different acceptance forms can be located here with a guide to help you write your character and get it approved.

Thank you for reading up on all our policies, the crucial histories of each kingdom and just showing a general interest in Avalon Roleplay Wiki! We hope you consider joining and we look forward to seeing you create in the future!

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