Ivoria rests in the lands of the forests. Its history begins with Naira Azevado, an Elvish warrioress, with her family, fugitives from Altheria who had been in a plot to destroy the palace and destroy the kingdom. Naira had come across a group of people who had no names, who lived upon trees and had no towns. Her family took pity on the group and began to build. A government appeared with Naira's family on top of the hierarchy. The men and women, previously savages who had not a spoken language, thrived under their rule. They had named the town and it's surrounding area, "Ivoria" for its rich ivory resources. But of course, things were not as easy as they always seemed for the family who brought the new country up, as they always had to fight to keep their position as the ruling family.

The Azevados had ruled for over a thousand years until a mutiny had arisen under their ranks. Seeing the family as weak, and unworthy of ruling a country, a new family had challenged their rule. The Akintola family, one of the many elvish families who had immigrated to Ivoria, only increasing it's worth as an Elvish kingdom, had fought the Azevados. Their rule ended with the patriarch's knife in their neck. With that same knife, The Akintola family had started their rule.

The Kingdom's ever changing ruling family can be dated back to that, as it had then been a tradition to challenge the then current ruling family in order to take their place - Whoever was strongest took the place of the family, and the whole family contributed to ruling the kingdom. The current ruling family has been the strongest for several hundred years. Nobody under their rule expects it to end any time soon.

Ivoria is mostly famous for being the Elvish kingdom. The ruling family has never been a non-elven family. Because of this, and how elves have been treated in the past by humans and other races, Ivoria rarely ever accepts outsiders, and continues to be an Elvish kingdom.



Aside from the ruling family, who lives comfortably at the top of the hierarchy in Ivoria, there are three citizenship statuses that are in place.

The Nobles, who are extremely powerful, though not quite as powerful as the ruling family. Due to their prowess, many of the children in these families go into training in order to test their mettle and magic, and become part of either the Royal guard, or into the army depending on how they test at the end of their training.

Then there's the Merchants. These men and women live well off, as they tend to be very successful. Thanks to Ivoria's high number of Ivory and other resources unavailable to the outside world, much of the money that comes to the state is made by this class of people. They do not make as much as Nobles, because being in service to the state pays much better than trade could, but they live well enough to rarely die of disease and starvation.

Finally, there is the Servants. These are the people who have little to no money and are struggling to survive. So instead of suffering, they go into the service of many Nobles and sometimes even merchants. Even then, most of their money is taken by taxes to the state. Many of these people die from diseases and starvation.


Ivoria's currency is different colored ivory, the untouched white being worth the most because of how prized it is by the kingdom.

White - Worth the most.

Green - A White is worth 10 Green

Red - A Green is worth 100 Red, and a White is worth 1000 Red

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