Guide to Getting Started

So, what is Avalon, exactly...?

This is a two sided question. Do you want the OOC answer or the IC answer? Let's look at both!
IC, Avalon is a continent made up of seven Kingdoms, Altheria, Asar, Draconia, Ivoria, Akusaa, Menciunvaras and Tourvaille. I encourage you to read the links provided about every kingdom before you go creating your character - The environment your character was raised in will determine how they are. We cannot, after all, have a Homophobe in Tourvaille. Well we could, but it wouldn't end well.
I also urge you to look at our races and abilities page! That will give you great insight as to how you want to play a demon or a druid, or anything in between!
OOC, Avalon is a roleplaying wikia that focuses on a medieval time setting roughly based off of multiple canon storylines, making us entirely non-canon and self-created. while we do have set rules and determinations for each race, status, etc that you create, we encourage you to be creative. Of course, this leads to my next question...

Where can I find the policies?

Well, click here to get a detailed rundown of all our policies here on Avalon Roleplay Wiki.
Chat: In our live chat, we have a couple of simple rules - Be curteous, don't spam, never ignore admin warning, do not talk about anything innapropriate; To read more on this, please take a look at teh full policy.
Level: We have FOUR levels, plus an entry level. Upon your first character joining, you will receive a message stating that you have entered the ENTRY LEVEL. A week after, you will be rewarded with the FIRST LEVEL, and after your first month, you'll be awared with the FOURTH LEVEL. All of these level entitle you to different things, including more character spots! For details, consult the full policy.
Character: When creating your character, there are specific things we look for. This includes, race, name, abilities and age. For details, consult the full policy
Inactivity: On this wiki, we have a fairly strict rule about this - You will enter "Inactivity" if you have 0 edits within the period of two months without warning. We DEEPLY discourage you reaching this status, especially if you have a store owner or a character in power. You WILL NOT get those positions back upon return. For more details, consult the full policy.
Face Claims: Simply put, you may only use an FC who has been used in a period show or movie. Example is, Emma Watson, who has been in both Harry Potter and the remake of Beauty and the Beast in 2017. You may use this model, but only with pictures that depict her wearing medieval or renaissance period attire. Also, we have a set list for models who are banned from use because they are uncomfortable with it. For more details, consult the full policy.
Roleplay: This is fairly basic: No Godmodding, no Bunnying, no Metegaming, no harming without the other's consent... And keep it PG13. If you are unsure of what these mean, consult the full policy, as it gives. details.
Voting: Unfortunately, until level two, your second week here, you do not have the right to vote on any policy. Of course, if you're level one and it is specifically stated that it is a vote that you can vote in, you can vote!
Blocking: We do not take blocking easily. We want to be a community that welcome and helps people, and we don't want to block you! But in order for that to happen, you have to prevent yourself from doing these things: Spamming, not following policies, plagiarism, threatening. If you follow these rules, you're golden!

What are all of the Beauracrats responsible for? How do I become an admin?

The three Beaurecrats (At the moment, Carnarvan, head of Recreational Development, Queen of Anarchy, head of User Resources, and Nebuliss, head of Character Resources.) all have very specific things they are in charge of. While they may ask for help from one another, or the other admins, they all have their own responsiblities to attend to.
Queen of Anarchy, B-crat of User Resources, is part of the more technical part. Keeping things up to date, fixing/reworking/writing code, and keeping the policies up to date.
Carnarvan, B-crat of User Resources, works VERY closely with the other b-crats in many aspects. They are in charge of developing and maintaining in character storylines for the entire wikia. They work with UR to maintain time and date and help with coding, and they work with CR to make the characters and help with locations for these events. Along with that, they also are in charge of Game-mastering (GMing) fights and other things without being biased. Also, while DYSUTOPIA is technically only the administrator, or second-in-command of RD, their department more or less runs with the two of them working together, as equals to run the department.
Nebuliss B-crat in charge of Character Resources, deals with the wiki in a very IC aspect. They control the stores, the character acceptances, and location upkeep. They work closely with the other B-crats as needed.
But over all of this, you must remember that the three B-crats are a TEAM. Meaning, we are the ones who work on developing and moving the wikia forward. We can't do that without user... or other Admins and rollbacks!
To become one, you must wait until you have been on the wikia for over a month. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to run. More details on what is required will be posted on the Request for User Rights page.

Now that we're done with that, let's get to the fun bit! As i stated before, there are seven kingdoms. You are encouraged to look at all of them and make yoru decision based on what you learn. Once you do choose, put them up for acceptance!

Once you finish that, we encourage you to create a word bubble. For example: The word bubble template for Queen Amice d'Ambrosia! This is fairly simple. Our preferred template for word bubbles is this one, made by one of our very own.

Once you have that finished, you have to create a page. For example; Amice d'Ambrosia. This is where everything about your character is listed off, and where people go when you refer to your character. Again, it is fairly simple making a page. Our preferred tempalte is this one, and it gives you all of the instructions there.

Once you're done with that, you can officially rp!

Welcome to Avalon!

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