The medieval world is quite a difficult thing to roleplay, considering that a lot of foods weren't readily available, and even much of our language was pioneered by Renaissance authors and playwrights. And I clearly care way too much about historical accuracy, and I don't want to rip holes in the space-time continuum, so here is a list of Exceptions to Historical Canon that apply to the magical universe that Avalon Roleplay Wiki is set in.

  • The language brought to the world by Shakespeare (that includes 1700 of the words we regularly use) and later Renaissance authors was brought to the Kingdoms earlier in this universe. This opens Shakespearean names to be used as character names on the wiki.
  • It is assumed that New World Crops were discovered in the magical kingdoms earlier than in the real-time universe - meaning that, unlike in the true medieval periods, foods like potatoes and maize will be available for characters to eat.
  • The Gregorian calendar was brought to Avalon earlier than in the general world and is thus used across the seven kingdoms.