Warlocks, sorcerers, druids and all other known magic holders are welcome in the Kingdom of Draconia, under the rule of the d'Ambrosia family - the one that has ruled the land since its origins. The d'Ambrosia family is composed of very powerful sorcerers and sorceresses, but at the head of it all is the one descended from the founders of the Kingdom of Draconia - the dragonlord.


While not necessarily the oldest kingdom, Draconia is definitely not among the youngest ones. Its difficult to pinpoint the precise moment in Draconian history where the kingdom was founded, but legend has it it arose from the ashes of Altheria's oppression. Over the course of history, Draconia has created a very intricate reputation for itself - not only for birthing some of the fiercest warriors in all the seven kingdoms, but for the dragons that fly over the red and gold banners, roaring as it protects the Draconian citizens.


Draconia is located at a very strategic point, in the middle of all of Avalon, solely for those from other kingdoms who've been rejected for being a specific species, sex, or just for having different assets. That said, not many know where Draconia is, if only to shield it from outside influences. All citizens are loyal to the Draconian throne, while outsiders who've immigrated more often than not take a pledge of loyalty to them. That said, people do have the chance to turn their backs on Draconia and leave, but if they wish to do so, they'll be forced to take a vow to not utter a word of Draconia to anyone else. Whispers have flowed throughout the region of Avalon... according to some, Merlin himself placed protection wards around this land, too, deeming it too sacred for corruption. The Waterfall of Purity is one of these rumored gifts; an extra layer of protection that circles around the few entrances in the Kingdom to ward off all potential intruders.


The d'Ambrosia family has been in control of the Kingdom of Draconia since forever. Their control goes back as far as anyone can remember. The Kingdom has a monarchy, and at the head of it is the one with complete control over dragons. A dragonlord. A dragonlord (lady) is a person with the knowledge on how to tame and control these creatures. They are, as a matter of fact, the only one that can speak in the dragons' language. The thing is, only one of them can live at a time. This power is passed on to one of their kids, not necessarily the oldest so much as the child with the strongest emotional bond to dragons.

The current queen and dragonlady is Amice d'Ambrosia - there is no King, since she has not wed, although nobody knows precisely why this is. She is the perfect example of the succession rules; while junior to her older brother Blake and older sister Artemisia, she had a deeper connection to her dragon than them - hence her succession to the Draconian throne.


Anyone is welcome into Draconia. It doesn't matter whether you're a sorcerer, druid, nymph or a simple human. That said, Draconia doesn't welcome dark wizards, vampires or werewolves at all, not counting explicit exceptions authorized by the King and Queen. Hurting anyone within the Kingdom of Draconia is grounds for immediate exile, not only from the Kingdom itself but from the land that borders the walls as well.


The citizens and dragons that live inside the borders of Draconia are treated as equals, and there is no exception to that. Not even the dragons bonded to the royal family are an exception. That said, the dragon bonded to the living dragonlord is the dragon respected the most by the species as a whole. The dragon is, so to say, the King of Dragons. Dragons are creatures that posess knowledge, but none like their King. They have their own language used to communicate between them, though they do understand the human tongue of English, even if they may not speak it. They are Draconia's final line of defense and offense, though in the past couple of centuries they've not been used in such a way due to Draconia's habits of avoiding war.

Bonding Ceremony

Every royal is bonded to a dragon when they are born. The royal must be taken to Dragon's Landing, a place exclusive to that species, where they will be carried throughout until a dragon begins to hatch. That is their bond mate. It is the dragon's sole duty to protect that royal, and they will be equals. They are linked to one another and the link will not die until of them does. Should that royal be the next dragonlord, their bonded dragon will become the next King of Dragons. The knowledge of those before that dragon will be passed down to him or her.
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