The Kingdom of Asar has it's roots in the clans of the very large island they inhabit. At the time of the kingdom's founding, there were thirty-five clans in total. All of them warring with each other and none coming out on top, that is until our great leader, Erik the Uniter was born. The great one was born into the Asar Clan, the son of Erik the Lame, a weak and crippled chief. Erik the Uniter overthrew his father at the tender age of 15 and to prove himself to the rest of the clan... he beheaded his father and all his advisors in a public forum, personally. No one dared mess with our great and powerful leader ever again.

Erik the Uniter went on a great campaign to unite all the clans on the island of Fløy. It was a brutal campaign and Erik killed any clans that refused to answer to him, the clans of Gnupa, Sanda, Hvita and Hvarf were completely wiped out during Erik's campaign to unify the island. The campaign took a great many years, and Erik was thirty-seven years of age when he was finished. All of the clans on the island of Fløy were subject to him. Erik picked his five favorites clan chiefs: Gustav the Strong; chief of Drangar, Kjetil the Bold, chief of Mjola; Olaf the Wise, chief of Mork, Caroline the Brave, chieftess of Frooa and Marita the Black, chieftess of Dalir.

These five, Gustav, Kjetil, Olad, Caroline and Marita became Erik's high chiefs and his closest advisors. Erik declared himself Grand High Chief, ruler of all the clans of Fløy, and so the kingdom of Asar began.

The kingdom has gone through a great many Grand High Chiefs, and Erik's dynasty was eventually overthrown in the 101st year of our founding. Our new dynasty took over the kingdom of Asar, they too were from Erik's grand high clan of Asar, this dynasty was the Holt Dynasty.

The Holts ruled from the year 101 to the year 437, when they were also overthrown by a family from the grand high clan of Asar, the Nordskov dynasty took over from the Holts. The Nordskovs rule was short, only lasting 37 years before Holts took the kingdom back from them, wiping the Nordskov line out in the process and so the second Holt dynasty began.

The Kingdom is still under the Second Holt Dynasty's rule, and we are currently ruled by Johannes 'the Wolf' Holt, the current grand high chief of the Kingdom of Asar.



Asarian society is very unique amongst the kingdoms of Asar in that there aren't really any set classes... your rank in society is all based off which clan you live in.

You see, the Kingdom of Asar ALSO has an Asar Clan. The members of which are the absolute elite amogst society, rather like the aristocracy or royalty in their society.

The High Clans of Drangar, Mjola, Mork, Frooa and Dalir are much like the dukes of the actual medieval era. They're pretty well off but not as well off as the member of the Grand High Clan of Asar.

Then there's the regular clans. The regular clans are just that - the regular people. They're middle class to lower class, except for the chiefs who are upper middle class.

Coming of Age

Once again, Asar is very unique amongst the seven kingdoms in that they have a coming of age ceremony at 16, and this ceremony will quite literally determine the fate of all the 16-year-olds in Asar for the rest of their lives.

The ceremony pits all the 16 years old against one another in a one-on-one fight to the death, without weapons. It's a no rules, hand-to-hand bloodbath until there is only one left standing. The survivor's performance is evaluated and the high chiefs and the grand high chief select which clan the survivor will live in.

However, if the survivor shows extraordinary skills and bravery in battle they may be selected to move up in rank from their birth rank. So if one was born into a regular clan, they could potentially move up into a high clan, not an uncommon event, it happens about once a year. However, one could also move up to into the grand high clan, which is extremely rare as it's usually reserved for those that were born into it.

That being said, if someone's performance is substandard, they can potentially be moved down in rank, it doesn't happen very often but it has happened. Now, if someone shows an average performance and they're of average stock, or if they get bumped down, the high chiefs and grand high chief will select the high clan they live in, but the now full member of society get to choose which regular clan they enter into.



Asar is largely a barter society, and as such have no official currency. That said, there are a number of coins from other kingdoms floating around as the Asarian people often trade with the other kingdoms. They have a very vast trading network because of their excellent sailors - they perform best when drunk as well.

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