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City i could never leave,you and the city lights.


Full Name:

Líadan Rosalyn Galbraith


Physically eighteen.


Líadan lives only to serve her creator and master / mistress.




Apart from her own fangs, she hides knives in her boots when she wears them, but otherwise, no.


Her FC is Isabelle Fuhrman.


Líadan should, by all rights, be childlike in her innocence; yet her status as a vampire, and her inability to fight against direct orders from her creator, has burned that innocence up in flames.There is nothing that Líadan wants more than to stop doing such awful things and then coming back to consciousness with blood on her hands, with no idea whose.
But she also knows well there are only two ways out, to kill her creator or to die, one of which is a near-impossibility, and the other of which she fears the permanence of. She should be a darker being when one looks between her and her creator, knowing how the creation of vampires work; but she was created merely out of curiosity rather than malice, to see if the rumours were true. It was the fact that her creator realised s/he had total command over a living weapon that sent them down the darker path, and no matter how much Líadan may completely despise them, she also has a desire to redeem him.
Líadan is weighed down by guilt for acts she does not remember - this can lead to her being wistful and reluctant to reach out to anyone just in case she is forced to turn on them. She has not known what it is to have a friend, only an enemy, and has only ever argued and screamed at someone. There is a world out there with happiness, friends, and intellectual conversations and Líadan has dreams of being a part of it, instead of being forced to carry out her creator's wishes or welcome his guests (who she doesn't even like). Líadan might be treated like a rich girl because it suits her creator keeping up appearances; when following his orders against her own a socialite's mask might be shown; but she is at her core unhappy, and the dynamic between the pair is dark.


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Líadan will be my sixth character.


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