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Hi there! I'm Nebuliss, Head of Character Resources. This forum is for approving citizens of Altheria. If you want to make a citizen for Draconia, click here, for Ivoria click here, for Tourvaille click here, if you want to make a citizen for Asar click here, and if you want to make a rogue or a pirate click here.

In order to gain citizenship, please type your character's name into the box below, click the button entitled "Gain Citizenship!" and follow the directions on the page. A member of the Character Resources department will contact you on your talk page, informing you of your character's result. Thank you!

Note: You need to log in or create an account before making a Citizenship forum or you won't be able to create it. Also, your character must have a real name, and not your username. For more information, read below.


How long does it take for my character to get approved?

Your character will be approved in approximately 2 days or less. Please be patient and avoid creating blogs because your character hasn't been approved. Your character won't be dealt with straight away, admins do have a life outside, too; however, if you feel that it's taking too long, contact a member of the Character Resources department (which can be found here).

My character has been rejected. Why?

There was probably a problem with your forum that wasn't corrected within the one week timeframe. Other reasons could be that you haven't created an account, your character doesn't have a last name, the questions aren't answered or the character goes against a policy. For a definite answer, members of CR always post a small message at the bottom, explaining why the character was rejected. If your character was rejected and you want another shot at creating him/her, contact a member of CR, who will bring the page back for you to edit and fix it. A member of CR will then check the forum again and approve it if the problems had been fixed.

Note: The more complex and exotic the char's abilities, the greater the risk of difficulties.

How do I bold my answers?

When getting your character accepted, you will have to bold the answers. To do this, you can use the following code:
'''Bold Text Here'''
Please read the acceptance guidelines here. Also, remember to read the Character Policy before making your character!
If you have anymore questions or concerns, contact any of the members of the Character Resources Department.

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